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2019 June2 ETC Summer tips, Star Alliance companions, ZED tickets

2019 June Switch EFs 6/28, Pay Taxes, new livery, new flights, get KTN & 3 items from RUPA

2019 Mar PremiumPlus class, new P/W & pin, Pass Taxes, pass rider access, SA on OAs

2018 Dec EF enrollment CLOSES 12/29, Pay Travel Invoice by 1/15, New routes announced

2018 Nov EF enrollment OPEN til 12/29, eRES new is now LIVE, Fly South this winter 

2018 Oct New eRES, get UPDATEs, F/As MERGED!!, FAA Bill, Healthcare enrollment

2018 Sept Better Boarding, New Flights, DISCOUNTS, Pay imputed taxes!, Other Airline travel

2018 July Missed info from ETC?, EF enrollment, Take Friends on Other Airlines, new FT tips

2018 June Change EFs!, pay travel invoice!, new FT links, 2 new ZED carriers (France/Canada)

2018 May Three tips for enrolling Enrolled Friends!

2018 Apr New FT & links, change EFs for Jul-Dec flying, change personal info, new summer flights

2018 Mar Pass tax invoices, new FlyingTogether website, transit tax refund LHR&NRT, $8.6 billion for ORD

2018 Jan Pass Travel Taxes, UA app, Let them list themselves, Checking loads, Valid ID for flying

2017 Oct Pass Travel IMPROVEMENTS, Tax reporting, Your contact info, Be savvy, ID90 discounts

2017 Jun Updated Travel page, BAGGAGE, more Hawaii flights, retiree badge, myUAdiscount

2017 Apr We meet Oscar, Attire, Qatar ends, Star Alliance BC & YC, TSA & Drivers Licenses

2017 Mar Bag Policy, Mexico tax, ID90 deals, Basic Economy, USAW, Trusted Traveler Programs

2017 Jan USAW, Why Join MileagePlus?, Intl SOS, Basic Economy is coming

2016 Dec Enroll EFs for 2017, Google Trips, Mobile Passport, myUAdiscount=no standby!

2016 Sep Open Enrollments, UnitedPassLine change, Star Companions

2016 Aug Use the App!, London travel, Pass Travel changes/refunds, future F/A hiring

2016 June Updated OA info, myUAdiscnt tips, get linked, go mobile, Europe tip, travel insurance

2016 May ETC's 3 tips, Routes/fleet plans, Do's & Don'ts of Pass Travel

2016 Mar Trouble adding EFs? 20% off onboard! Bumped off Other Airlines?

2016 Feb Imputed Taxes/1099s, myUAdiscount tickets, Star Companions

2015 Dec Enroll 2016 EFs, Change other pass riders, ETC, MileagePlus/employeeRES

2015 Oct Access FT, Healthcare Open Enrollment, new look for YBR 

2015 Sept myUAdiscount tickets, Logging into FlyingTogether with IE, Firefox, Chrome

2015 July Order of Accommodation, ZED now on Brazilian & Scandinavian

2015 June Register Pass Riders, UAL moves p.s. to EWR, AA retiree policy final

2015 April Survivor Pass Travel, My Info, Changing Personal Information

2015 Jan Departure Tax Refunds, United App, Imputed Taxes!

2014 Dec EF enrollment, My Info page, Early Out pass travel program

2014 Oct ETC's Fall newsletter, Open Enrollment for Healthcare

2014 August New UAL phone numbers, How to use computer, smartphone, tablet for pass travel

2014 July ETC's Summer newsletter, review OTHER AIRLINE travel

2014 June#2 New MyIDTravelPurchase tool for e-tickets on 5 OA carriers

2014 June   Summer Travel tips, Docs you need, FlyingTogether vs United app

2014 April Multiple listing, Savvy S/A, Trip Alerts, FlyingTogether & InternetExplorer 

2014 March Survey results, Carry-on Bag enforcement

2014 Feb #2 1099-Misc for Pass Travel: Box 7 vs Box 3?

2014 Feb SW e-ticket, IE11 alert, My Info forbidden, TSA lines

2014 Jan Pass Travel Report for taxes, Discounts for retirees

2013 Nov Enroll your Friends for 2014, "Primary" Friends, My Info, JA log-in

2013 Aug Where UAL flies, Other Airline Travel, retiree badges update

2013 June Retiree Badges, BP codes, UnitedPassLine, pass travel questions?

2013 April Board Dates, Imputed taxes & 1099s, Aero, Password reset, apps for travel

2013 Feb Imputed tax reports & 1099s, Vacation passes, WebEx tutorials about Pass Travel

2012 Nov Enroll Friends for 2013, New S/A Boarding Procedures

2012 July Verification letter, Vac Pass Balances & rollovers, View S/A list, Refunds

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