Retiree Pass Travel Summary                               Updated 12/21/2017

United's pass travel program for employees and retirees includes Space-Available (stand-by) travel, discounted full-rev confirmed seats (myUAdiscount) on United, and Other Airline standby travel on ZED tickets. Obtaining e-tickets or listing is done online via (log-in required) or by phone ($25 per person); you cannot get tickets written at the airport! See "How to Fly" below (scroll down).

Space-available (stand-by) travel: United’s new Pass Travel Program began 3/3/2012. Retirees get unlimited personal passes and eight annual vacation passes for travel on United & United Express. Retirees’ eligible pass riders get unlimited personal passes and fly at the same cost as retirees. All travel must be pre-paid by credit card. Cost of travel varies by your “Years of Service” and cabin seated; all economy class travel is svc-chrg waived. Travel by some pass riders may be taxed to the retiree as “imputed income”.
Space-available pass riders are boarded in groups (after revenue pax) and the retiree group (SA2) is boarded after all employees (SA1), except when using vacation passes (SA0). Boarding seniority within each group is determined by “board date”, based on your days, months, and years of service to the company. See RAFA’s “Board Date Seniority” page for an explanation.  Space-available riders are entitled to 2 free checked bags (up to 70 lbs each).
Full revenue (confirmed space) travel: "myUAdiscount" tickets may be purchased by retirees and their eligible pass riders for travel on United and United Express. These tickets include 2 free checked bags (up to 70 lbs each) and Mileage Plus credit. Scroll to bottom of this page for more info.

Other Airline travel: Retirees may also purchase space-available "ZED" tickets on many Other Airlines. Scroll to bottom of this page for more info and visit the RAFA OTHER AIRLINE Travel page

Retirees’ Eligible Pass Riders for space-available and myUAdiscount travel on UA

Spouse or domestic partner (same or opposite gender)
Up to two enrolled friends (can change twice per year. Register: Flying Together>Travel>Update pass riders)
Children, regardless of marital status, until they attain age 26 (natural, adopted and/or step)
Disabled children (disabled since before age 26)
Up to two parents (any combination of natural, adoptive and/or step, same or opposite gender) with an option to change who travels quarterly).

Retirees do not have "companion passes" or "buddy travel"; we have two Enrolled Friends. However, seven

Star Alliance carriers allow you to accompany "travel partners" or "buddies" on their airlines. For info on travel partners

read item #2 on RAFA's  "OTHER AIRLINE travel" page.

For more details & definitions:  Flying Together > Travel > Pass Riders (left column).
For more details about Enrolled Friends:  Flying Together > Travel > Pass Riders > Enrolled Friends.

Boarding Priority groups for space-available travel on UA
The old BP-6 and BP-8 groups have been replaced by:

SA0V: Employees, retirees, and their accompanied pass riders if using VACATION passes;
Includes an unaccompanied spouse, domestic partner or primary friend* when using a vacation pass.

SA1P: Employees and their accompanied pass riders when using PERSONAL passes;
Includes an employee’s unaccompanied spouse, domestic partner or primary friend*.

SA2R: Retirees and their accompanied pass riders when using PERSONAL passes;
Includes a retiree’s unaccompanied spouse or domestic partner.

SA3V: Unaccompanied pass riders when using a employee/retiree’s VACATION pass
Exception: unaccompanied spouse/domestic partner/primary friend* fly on vacation passes at SA0V.

SA4P: Unaccompanied pass riders when using a PERSONAL pass.
Exception: retiree’s unaccompanied spouse/domestic partner fly on personal passes at SA2R and
employee’s unaccompanied spouse/domestic partner/primary friend* fly on personal passes at SA1P.

*NOTE: Retirees do not have a “Primary Friend”.

For more details & definitions: Flying Together > Travel > Boarding priorities and procedures (left column)

How are we boarded for space-available travel on UA?

Positive Space standbys will be boarded first, then SA0 standbys, followed by SA1, SA2, SA3, etc.
Pass riders within each of the above groups are boarded in seniority order by "Years of Service", not by

"Date of Hire".  See RAFA's page on Seniority and Board Date”.

How much does space-available travel on UA cost?

It depends on your "Years of Service" and what kind of pass you are using (Personal or Vacation).               Visit RAFA's "Costs & IMPUTED TAXES".  Retirees' travel costs must be pre-paid by credit card when listing.

More information: Flying Together > Travel > Preparing to Travel (left column) > Payments & Refunds

More information: Flying Together > Travel > Preparing to Travel (left column) > Service Charges

Space-Available Travel Passes: 

Retirees and their eligible pass riders receive UNLIMITED personal passes.
Retirees receive EIGHT annual vacation passes. Valid for 5 yrs.

Personal passes: good for service-charge waived** economy class travel & svc charge travel in premium cabins (Business/BusinessFirst/First/Global First) system-wide. If retiree has 25 or more years of service then they (and their pass riders) will ride service-charge waived* in ALL cabins system-wide.

**service-charge waived = retirees & eligible pass riders only pay airport/departure/regulatory taxes/fees.

Vacation passes: good for one-way, multiple segment, service-charge waived** travel in ALL cabins system- wide at the highest boarding priority (SA0V). Valid for 5 years. One pass can be used for retiree and their pass riders when traveling together (accompanied).  Roundtrip requires 2 passes

Example #1) Retiree can fly with all accompanied pass riders at priority SA0V from SFO-IAD-CDG (multiple segments) and use only one vacation pass. Another vacation pass would be needed to fly back together. 
Example #2) If an enrolled friend in PHX wanted to go to Hawaii without the retiree, the retiree could give up 2 vac passes (one for PHX-SFO-HNL and 1 for the return); enrolled friend would be SA3V (unaccompanied). Better idea: let enrolled friend use their unlimited personal passes to go to Hawaii (SA4P, unaccompanied...not much difference than flying at SA3V). 

Vacation passes are very valuable as they allow the retiree and accompanied eligibles to travel at the highest boarding priority without paying a service charge for premium cabins (regardless of years of service).

If you list with a vacation pass from A>B>C, but do not fly B>C, the vacation pass is used up.
If you listed in FC on any flight using a vacation pass, but flew in Y (FC was full), the vacation pass is used up.

Vacation pass details: Flying Together > Travel >Types of Travel (left column) > S/A Travel > Vacation Passes

Personal pass details: Flying Together > Travel >Types of Travel (left column) > S/A Travel > Personal Passes

Switching between pass types is not allowed less than 1 hour before domestic departure; or less than 2 hrs before international departure.

How to Fly...Space-available Travel on United/United Express:

Go to Flying Together...

Where is the "FlyingTogether" website??? It's here: 

You need a file number and password to log in. A new password is required every 90 days. 

Forgot your password? Call: 800-255-5801

To look at loads, list/pre-pay for travel and check-in, either

1) visit employeeRES on your computer/laptop: Go to Flying Together>Travel>click on the "Book a Flight" tab.  or...

2) use the United app on iOS/Android devices: View RAFA's guide to using the app for Pass Travel

or a guide on how to use employeeRES visit FlyingTogether>Travel>Preparing forTravel>How to book travel

No computer skills? Call the United Pass Line to list by talking to a live person (for a fee).

To create, change or cancel a pass travel booking by telephone call: 

From the US dial 866-359-3727 

From International dial 713-324-7277 

If those numbers do not work, try 877-825-3729 + option 1 (ETC) + option 1 (ePass) 

If you speak with a live agent it’s free to change the dates and/or times of an existing listing or to cancel a trip. 

The $25 Booking Service Fee (per ticket) is charged for new bookings, changes to origin and/or destinations and changes to type of ePass (personal to vacation and vice versa) because they require a new eTicket to be issued. RAFA recommends retirees learn how to book, change and cancel pass travel for free by using employeeRES or the United app (if linked with your Mileage Plus number, see #2 and #3 below).

Before you travel: 

Visit FlyingTogether>Travel>Preparing forTravel (left column). Read everything there!

Read the Do's and Don'ts: FlyingTogether>Travel>Preparing forTravel > Helpful tips

Put Pass Travel Tools on your mobile devices (smart phone/iPad/tablet)! 

Then you can book travel, make changes, etc while on the go:

  1. Go to At the log-in screen, SAVE that to your device's home screen. After signing in, click on the "Travel" link to be taken to "MobileRes", a streamlined version of employeeRES. You can check loads & your vac pass balances plus list for flights. If the flight costs money use the "Full Site" link at the bottom of MobileRes to go to the full version of FlyingTogether, then go to employeeRES to input your credit card info. Using the "full site" of FlyingTogether on your mobile device also allows you access to "Other Airline" travel (for myIDtravel and ID90T).
  2. Download and use the United app (>Travel Information>MobileTools). This is very useful at the gate to check the standby list, seat map, etc. during boarding. 
  3. BEST: Join Mileage Plus (it's FREE) and link your MP # in employeeRES>QuickLinks>EmployeeProfile, then you can use the United app to check-in for flights, save boarding passes,etc. We can now list for space available travel and buy myUAdiscount tickets using the United app IF our MP#s are linked. NOTE: your name in employeeRES and Mileage Plus MUST perfectly MATCH. If they don't match, then change your Mileage Plus name. View: RAFA's guide to using the app for Pass Travel.

Confirmed travel on UA; buy myUAdiscount tickets! 

Employees, retirees and their eligible pass riders may purchase full revenue confirmed tickets for system- wide travel on United and United Express with a 20 percent discount. Tickets include two free checked bags (up to 70 lbs each) and Mileage Plus credit. Depending on routing, you may buy discounted FC, Business-First, Economy or Basic Economy tickets. All fare rules apply, including cancellation fees. 

Note: you may NOT hold myUAdiscount tickets and have a space-available listing for the same flight!

To purchase tickets visit the Flying Together>Travel>myUAdiscount tile on your computer or use the "Book a  Flight" tab on the United app with your mobile device (if it is linked with your Mileage Plus number).

Note: To get the 20% discount & 2 free bags, you must buy your tickets on FlyingTogether>Travel>myUAdiscount; it you buy tickets on you will not get 2 free bags.

Other Airline space-available ZED Travel:

  United has interline agreements with 100 Other Airlines so we can fly beyond the UA network. For  details/costs by airline go to the Flying Together>Travel>Other Airline/Interline Travel tile. From there, visit a special website to purchase the "Zonal Employee Discount" e-tickets (either "myIDTravelPurchase" or "ID90T", depending on the carrier. Most airlines are on the "myIDTravelPurchase" website).

First, read the helpful step-by-step guide, RAFA's "Other Airline Travel" page.

Note: Some Star Alliance carriers allow "Star Companions" (buddies), but only if accompanied by the retiree.

Compiled by Kirk Moore, RAFA Travel Benefits Committee
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