Dear Flight Attendant Retirees and Friends of RAFA,

We have a lot in common; we are retired United Flight Attendants!  After so many years flying the "Friendly Skies", serving swarms of passengers and savoring wonderful layovers, we should stay in touch.....but how? 

By joining RAFA!

Local RAFA councils have quarterly meetings with presentations on topics ranging from health and travel benefits to the solvencies of Social Security and Medicare and the PBGC.  These meetings are not only informative, they are also fun gatherings that often include potlucks, reunions, picnics and other social activities.

RAFA is a trusted resource for information and advocates for flight attendant retirees issues.  Our annual dues are modest so all may participate....only $15 per year.  You will receive updates by E-mail, invitations to meetings and social gatherings and you can check the RAFA website at any time for important announcements and photos of RAFA events.  

As well as Retiree Membership, a new category of Associate Membership is now available to spouses, partners, friends, active fliers or anyone interested in staying in touch.  Associate Members may participate in RAFA meetings and events and receive our e-mail alerts, but are not allowed a vote in council matters.

RAFA is pleased to announce that we are now able to offer you the ability to sign up ON-LINE

 within the RAFA website.  For security reasons, credit card information is not stored.

 We invite you to join us or renew for RAFA's  2018-2019 membership season. 

Add your ideas, your energy and your creativity to RAFA!

Join today you will have the option to pay by credit card 

or click "Invoice Me" to pay by check

RAFA is looking for flight attendant retirees who are interested in helping to connect United flight attendants in their area. If you would like to pitch in, Click here  to contact the RAFA leaders.    

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