3 TIPS: Enrolling Friends for July-December flying        June 4, 2018

Retirees may change their current Enrolled Friends for July-Dec flying by visiting their Dependent Management System (DMS) screen; access it via FT > Travel > "Manage pass riders". The enrollment period ends June 28th at 11:59 PM CT.

1) Can’t register a new enrolled friend?  You have 4 Enrolled Friends listed in your DMS. Before you can add a new EF you must first remove an “INACTIVE" EF by clicking the purple “i” button to the left of their name. Then click “Remove Dependent” on the screen appearing below.

Now add a new EF to your DMS by clicking the blue “+” sign and follow the 5 steps to “certify” them.

2) To add or change your Enrolled Friends for July-December: On your DMS screen, click the “Manage Election”link next to any Enrolled Friend’s name (far right) to view the Election page.

Current Enrolled Friend(s) will already be checked for the next travel period.  If you do not need to make any changes, no action is needed.  Current EFs will automatically roll over on July 1.

If you want to make changes for the next travel period you must:

1) Uncheck current Enrolled Friends in the Jul-Dec column (far right) to open that slot for someone else.

2) Put a check mark in the Jul-Dec column (far right) for any of your inactive EFs to fly July-December.

3) Or add new Enrolled Friends to an available slot by clicking the plus “+” sign

4) Be sure to finish all the steps by clicking SAVE at the end of the process

3) Don’t know who you want as EFs for July-December yet? No problem, just uncheck your current EFs before June 28th at 11:59 PM CT; you may add Enrolled Friends to those empty slots later.  Keep in mind that once a new travel period begins, your current Enrolled Friends that rolled over can be removed but cannot be replaced within the same travel period.

Remember: we only have two “current” Enrolled Friends at a time, but now we can change them twice per year.  The next enrollment period for EFs flying Jan – Jun 2019 opens Dec 1 through Dec. 28. You’ll follow the same steps by going to DMS and click on “Manage Election” next to any EF.

Want to learn more? Check out United’s Pass Travel Enrollment for Retirees page on Flying Together which includes a step-by-step user guide on DMS and questions and answers. 

Here is a direct link to the PDF: https://ft.ual.com/-/media/ual_intranet/documents/travel/pass-travel-enrollment-for-retirees-user-guide.pdf?la=en

Still have a question? Use Help Hub to contact the Employee Travel Center.

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Kirk Moore

RAFA Travel Benefits Committee

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