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IMPORTANT NOTEThe Employee Travel Center (ETC) wants retirees to list for flights online and find answers to questions using the Travel page on the website: The ETC updates the information often; if you download any of the pdfs below, they may become obsolete in the future. Always check online for the latest versions.  Log onto "Flying Together" and then visit the Travel tab. Having trouble getting online? Call the Website Help phone number below.

Familiarize yourself with United's Travel programs and policies.  If you can’t find what you want then click on one of the links below or call/email the Employee Travel Center.  RAFA recommends you look over the other information on our Travel Benefits pages before calling the ETC.

  Phone Contacts: (scroll down for links)

Website Help (IT Help Desk, to reset Flying Together password).............800-255-5801

   United's Service Center (for employees/retirees).....................877-825-3729

Input your employee ID # then the last four digits of your SS #  then choose:

. Employee Travel Center including:  (

  ePass- United Pass Line to make a listing by phone ** See note below


   Talk to a coordinator

Benefits Inquiries including:   (

You may use their direct line: 800-651-1007 (Input last four digits of your ss# and birthday)
   Report an address change, name change or death

   Healthcare (coverage, dependent changes, name changes)

  You can also connect to ETC "Pass Travel" and the Flying Together IT "Help Desk"

To find out more, go to  "YBR" (Your Benefits Resources) on

  FlyingTogether>EmployeeServicesclick the tabs for  "Health &nInsurance" or "Life Events"

** United Pass Line                    Direct from the US dial......866-359-3727

     Direct from International dial 713-324-7277
Use to create, change or cancel a pass travel booking by phone

      $25 booking fee per person will apply to speak with a real person to create or change a booking.

If those numbers do not work, try 877-825-3729 + option 1 (ETC) + option 1 (ePass) 

The United Pass Line is OK, however, we recommend retirees learn how to list, change and cancel their        pass travel for free using employeeRES (see the links below) or by using the United app.

                For more info read "How to Fly" near the bottom of our Program Summary page here.

           Mileage Plus: If you're a member (it's free to join) here's their phone number: 1-800-421-4655 and a link to the Mileage Plus Service Center. You do not accrue miles when flying standby but you do accrue miles                when using a "myUAdiscount" ticket (20% off full fare, confirmed seat with 2 free bags).


  Flying Together (United's intranet for employees and retirees):

Click a blue link below for more information (you’ll be prompted to login to FlyingTogether first)  

    “One stop shopping for almost everything you need to know:


           List of Pass Travel Policies and Programs Click & scroll to find the subject you want

               FlyingTogether>Travel>"Pass travel policies and programs"  NOTE: some policies apply to employees only, not to retirees.

        employeeRES  "Book a Flight"  To list for flights, check loads, and much more.

              FlyingTogether>Travel> (click "Book a flight" on the Travel page)

        WebEx sessions Pdfs on how-to-use employeeRES and how to buy Other Airline tickets. Not currently up to date, but still worth a look. Note: retirees are not eligible for positive space business travel or buddy pass riders.

               FlyingTogether>Travel>WebEx Sessions and Reference Guides (in left panel of Travel page)

If the “List of Pass Travel Policies and Programs” above is too confusing, just pick one of the handy links below.  

But please read that IMPORTANT NOTE on top again about downloading pdfs. RAFA pages are in green!

   1)  Overview of Retiree Pass Travel.pdf


 2)   Service charges, taxes, fees.pdf  Use the Pass Calculator in employeeRES/Quick Links!

                RAFA article on costs and imputed taxes


   3)  Three ways to list for travel.pdf  employeeRES, mobileres, by phone

                   NEW...the 4th (and best) way to list for travel: Use the United App, linked to MileagePlus

   4)  Eligible pass riders.pdf  Who gets to pass travel? RAFA Summary

   5)  Boarding Priority.pdf  Who gets on the plane first? List of boarding codes.

                 RAFA article on Boarding: YOS & Board Date

                Questions & Answers   Boarding Priority CHART

 6)  Enrolled Friend Program  Retirees get two enrolled friends annually; how to register them

                  Questions & Answers    


   7)  Vacation Pass Program  8 annual passes = 4 round trips, valuable but complicated...STUDY!

                Questions & Answers


   8)  myUAdiscount 20% off revenue tickets   Questions & Answers

   9)  Emergency Travel.pdf    Questions & Answers

10) Survivor Policy.pdf    Questions & Answers  RAFA article on Survivor Travel


11) Other Airline Pass Travel     RAFA Article about Other Airline Travel

12)   Employee/Retiree Discounts - some are employee-only, check details of each offer

  For Uniteds Baggage policy, documents for travel, Infant travel, and Unaccompanied Minors: 

        Scroll to find the subject you want here: 

      List of Pass Travel Policies and Programs

       FlyingTogether>Travel>"Pass travel policies and programs"


Updated 8/02/2016   by Kirk Moore, RAFA Travel Benefits Committee  


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