Retiree Pass Travel UPDATE         July 27, 2012                      


1) UA Retiree Buddy passes expired June 30th, but...      

       ....some Star Alliance carriers still honor “Star companions”! Travelers must be accompanied by the retiree and they fly at the ZED-Hi rate. Go to: FlyingTogether>Travel>Other Airline-Interline Travel>View the agreement for each carrier:  Air Canada, BritishMidland, Lufthansa, LOT, Swiss, and TAP.  Also, Hawaiian Air offers ZED fares for enrolled friends, use ZED request form on Flying Together. NOTE: Retirees and other eligibles use the ID90T website for e-tickets on HA; we will be able to use the ID90 website to e-ticket enrolled friends on Hawaiian Air later in August.

2) Other airlines: buying tickets and listing, paperless ZED coming

       View latest info and travel advisories (embargoes) on the FlyingTogether>Travel>OtherAirline Interline Travel page. 

Buy tickets for most airlines via the “ZED request form” (get an email confirmation, then go to airport to have UA write the ticket). Some airlines allow e-ticketing and use the ID90T website. 

Listing for travel also varies by carrier; read each carrier’s agreement. Also read the June 12th update in FlyingTogether>Travel>Travel News&Bulletins. 

The ETC is in final testing with 15 carriers for the ID90T website and is targeting to have “paperless ZED ticketing” in the fall. 

Bottom line: if you intend to fly space available on other airlines 1) plan ahead, do not wait until the last minute to get a ticket, 2) keep all receipts and, 3) always check the “Other Airline/Interline Travel” page.

3) “Enhanced” boarding priority for employees on United

       United announced space available boarding by day/month/year for co-workers effective July19th See: FlyingTogether>Travel>TravelNews&Bulletins or view it on the employeeRES landing page. Retirees will still be boarded by “year only” until IT can upgrade the system later this year. The ETC is aware how important this is to retirees. This will only impact retirees when using vacation passes on the same flights where co-workers are also using vacation passes and both have the same “board date” year.

4) Priority for working crew members’ pass riders

       Eligible pass riders may use a personal or vacation pass at the employee’s boarding priority (SA1P or SA0V) whenever accompanying a working crew member. Buddy pass riders may do so only during specified holidays (usually Thanksgiving and Christmas). Policy info is at the bottom of the page on FlyingTogether>Travel>View More Policies (under Travel Policies).

5) Verification letters are online!

       Verification letters of eligibility for United retirees are now available for download online here: FlyingTogether>employeeRES>QuickLinks>EmployeeProfile>”Click here to obtain letter” (in the “Saved EmployeeRES Information” box). These letters are for car, cruise, and hotel discounts, NOT for ticketing on other airlines. See #2 above for buying Other Airline tickets.

6) Vacation Pass balances

       If your vacation pass balances in employeeRES>My ePass Balances are incorrect send the following information to Your name, employee number, what your balance should be, dates and segments traveled and not traveled, and any PNRs (confirmation numbers) you have about those dates. Or call them with that information; 877-324-5555, option 5, option 5.

7)  Vacation pass rollovers

  Vacation passes are good for 5 years, but “taxable pass riders”, when traveling unaccompanied, can only use vacation passes issued in the same year. Retirees’ “taxable pass riders” are domestic partners, enrolled friends, and non-dependent children less than 26 years old. In 2013 those pass riders can only use vacation passes issued in 2013, unless they travel accompanied by the retiree or retiree’s spouse.


8) How to check-in as an SA

       Within 24 hours of departure you may check-in and print boarding passes at home using employeeRES>MyTravelPlans or>Reservations>Check-in (you need your confirmation number). You may also check-in using on your iPad or smartphone. Note: boarding passes for some international flights may not be printed at home because a passport must be presented before check-in.

9) How to view the standby list at the airport “Pass Rider List” >Travel Info>FlightStatus>FlightStandbyList

       View the Gate Information Displays (GIDS) located at the gate in many airports

10) Discounts for United retirees!!

       Go to Flying Together>Corporate>EmployeeDiscounts (below “Clubs”). Lots of good deals on a wide variety of items. Some only apply to employees, some have expired, so read carefully.

11) Refunds: when you pre-paid for a premium cabin and got downgraded

       Submit a refund request online through > Reservations > Refunds.  A status update of the refund request is available on that page by entering the ticket number (listed right next to the charge on your credit card statement).  If you’ve waited the allotted time, haven’t received the refund, and there is no status update, then send an email to with this information: Pass rider name, ticket number, flight, date, origin/destination and reason for refund.  State you requested the refund through and provide the date submitted (mm/dd/yyyy).  The EPC does not have a direct phone number.  Retirees can call the ETC at 877-324-5555, option 5, option 5 and then ask to speak to an EPC representative. 


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