Pass Travel UPDATE      March 21, 2014       

1) Survey says: NO CHANGES

         Quoted from: FlyingTogether>News>United Daily March 14th

            Nearly 52,000 employees and retirees participated in our pass travel survey earlier this year, and the majority are satisfied with their travel privileges under the current pass travel program. There will be no changes to our current travel program.

            The survey results, tabulated by independent survey company Hay Group, showed that many of our employees and retirees use their travel privileges. Among the respondents, 96 percent use personal pass travel privileges at least once a year; 95 percent of respondents use vacation passes and two-thirds use buddy passes at least once a year.

            Most respondents positively rated the ease of creating and changing bookings for leisure space travel as well as for creating buddy and vacation ePass bookings, while we need to work on ease of pass travel on other airlines.

            This survey was the result of our commitment in 2011 to host a pass travel survey within a few years of harmonizing the pass travel programs of United and Continental. We know how important pass travel privileges are and appreciate your participation.

         While RAFA is disappointed United choose not to reinstate some of the pass travel benefits sUA retirees earned during their careers at United (e.g. boarding by seniority with actives), it is a relief for many that there is no further erosion of sUA retirees' pass travel privileges. THANK YOU to all retirees who participated in the survey; without your input things might have changed for the worse.


2) Carry-on bag sizes now being enforced on United                                                                       

         Quoted from: FlyingTogether>News>United Daily Feb 28th


         For several months, we've provided the tools, training and technology necessary to raise customers' awareness of our carry-on baggage requirements. We've also educated customers on our policy.

            Along with updates to, MileagePlus members have received emails detailing our policy. We recently launched an email called "Over, Under, Checked," to reinforce our baggage policy before customers arrive at the gate.

The message has been simple:

          Over: One carry-on item that fits in the overhead bin (no larger than 9 x 14 x 22 inches including handles and wheels)

          Under: One personal item that fits under the seat in front of you, such as a laptop case or other small item (no larger than 9 x 10 x 17 inches)

          Checked: Any oversized or extra items that do not comply with the over/under guidelines

            We can ensure smoother boarding and fairness to those in later boarding groups by assisting customers with non-compliant bags before they reach the gate, which will ease the strain on customers and employees.

            You can find more information on our carry-on policy at

         All customers, including non-revs, must comply with the carry-on sizes. RAFA has heard from some travelers that their trusty old rollaboards measuring 9x14x22 have been refused as carry-on if overpacked/bulging. The good news is all employees, retirees and eligible pass riders are exempt from 1st and 2nd checked bag fees when flying on passes, including myUAdiscount tickets. Note; the max weight per checked bag is 70 lbs. See the Baggage Policy on Flying Together for more information.

3) Recent news snippets from the United Daily (archive on Flying Together) .Use the “United Daily” link above, then scroll down to the date of the article you want to view.

         2/10: New domestic and intl flights announced for summer 2014 

         2/17: UAX launches new E175 jet service ex ORD in May 2014

         2/19: 787-9 to fly LAX-Melbourne in October 2014

         2/25: SFO Tech Ops maintenance base changes will save millions

         3/10: More UAX svc with new E175 jets in various cities begins June 2014

         3/12: LHR Terminal 2 opens June 4th, United will be first in!

         3/12: 4-year $400 million LAX terminals 6,7,8 renovation project begins

         3/18: More than 200 United jets now have satellite WiFi installed

Kirk Moore

Chairperson, RAFA Travel Benefits Committee                                                3/21/2014

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