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In this issue:

  1. 1099 forms and Imputed taxes
  2. Don’t want to call? Use USAW!
  3. Best reason to join Mileage Plus
  4. International SOS for retirees
  5. Basic Economy is coming
  6. Recent news from United

1) 1099 forms mean Imputed Taxes


If you receive a 1099-Misc form from United in February it means your “taxable pass riders” accrued more than $600 in pass tax value during fiscal 2016. You must declare that value on your 2016 income taxes. To see who flew when and where, you may generate a Pass Travel Report by going to FlyingTogether > Travel > Pass Travel Report. For more info, read #2 on our RAFA page:

2) Don’t want to call?  Use USAW! 


WHAT IS IT? United Service Anywhere

WHAT DOES IT DO? It’s a 24/7 information portal; like Google for UAL info

WHO IS IT FOR? Employees and retirees

HOW DO I ACCESS USAW? Go to FlyingTogether>Travel, scroll down right column. 

Use USAW to get answers about Pass Travel, HR policies and Employee Service Center items (retiree badge, name changes, etc). Requests may be submitted online, 24/7. Go check it out!

For example: How can my pass riders book their own travel?

Go to USAW, click on the EmployeeTravelCenter tile, type that question in the search bar and a suggested article will pop up with the information.  Basically you’ll visit employeeRES > QuickLinks > EmployeeProfile and click “Activate” in the “Login” column of the Pass Rider Profile chart for the pass rider you want to have access. Then follow the directions.

3) Why should I join MileagePlus? 

You’ll accrue miles towards upgrades/free flights when you buy myUAdiscount tickets. It’s free; anyone can join and you do not need a United Mileage Plus Explorer Visa card to be a Mileage Plus member.

BEST REASON for retirees to join:If you link your MileagePlus number with employeeRES then you can use the United app on your smartphone/tablet to book space-available flights and to buy myUAdiscount tickets. The app is easier and more convenient than using employeeRES. After you have linked your MP number in employeeRES, simply sign into the app with your MP number and password.

HOW DO I JOIN MP, LINK TO employeeRES AND GET THE APP? Easy! Just follow the 3 steps on our RAFA page:

DANG, I FORGOT MY MILEAGEPLUS NUMBER/PASSWORD! No worries, to find it, go to > Contact Us > MileagePlus (click on the link below) or call 1-800-421-4655.

FYI ON BAGGAGE:  Remember, we get TWO FREE CHECKED BAGS (up to 70 lbs each) when flying space-available and when flying on myUAdiscount tickets.  :-)

4) International SOS for retirees!

International SOS” is a 24/7 global infrastructure of 27 call centers staffed by doctors and nurses, 32 clinics, 8,000 professionals and 60,000 providers. Free advice (both medical and security) for United employees and retirees is available online, via their app or just a phone call away. This could prove invaluable if you have an emergency when traveling the world. Visit the webpage on FlyingTogether > Travel > TravelPrograms (left column) > International SOS. 

Print the cards with United’s member number and International SOS phone numbers.  Put the cards in  your passport!  Download the app to have on your mobile device.

Check medical and security status of the country/countries BEFORE you go visit. 

Note: Intl SOS may pay for emergency medical treatment of working crew-members, but not for retirees.  However, the free information and advice they can provide us could be priceless; especially if something bad happens.    Click for International SOS Q&As.

5) Basic Economy is coming to United

Basic Economy tickets will go on sale later this quarter for travel beginning in 2nd quarter on domestic and Latin America short-haul flights; no international at this time. Basic Economy tickets are non-refundable, no changes, no upgrades. Seat assignments are given at the gate, cannot be reserved ahead. Boarding in Group 5. Carry-on limited to one item that fits under the seat: 9”x10”x17”. Certain MileagePlus members will be excepted from boarding group 5 and carry-on restrictions. Checked baggage rules and onboard service remain the same for BE pax as regular economy pax. For more information, visit FlyingTogether > Company > Products&Networks > BasicEconomy or click HERE.

Employees/retirees may buy myUAdiscount tickets based on Basic Economy fares but will be subject to all BE fare restrictions and rules mentioned above (except we still get 2 free checked bags). myUAdiscount tickets using BE fares must be purchased on FlyingTogether via employeeRES or the United app.

Q&A about Basic Economy: FlyingTogether>News>RecentNews>Dec 21 or click HERE.

6) “Recent News” on Flying Together>News

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7) Have you seen our RAFA website?

   Check out the Travel Benefits tab here:

  Read the Pass Travel Program Summary, helpful links, phone numbers and more.

For other Pass Travel Topics: Previous Travel UPDATES

Compiled by Kirk Moore, RAFA Travel Benefits Committee                    January 29, 2017

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